Premiere Movie Script Library

Premiere Movie Script Library

While I was looking for a nice reading copy of Raiders of the Lost Ark I discovered an old series of screenplays called the Premiere Movie Script Library. The defunct Premiere magazine published this series of screenplays of popular and classic movies. I was disappointed to find no information about the series on the web, so I thought I'd put together what I found.

There were nineteen scripts published between 1994 and 1995. Below they are listed in the order they appear in the editions published later.

In general the Premiere Movie Script Library editions are pretty nice. Each has a short introduction to the film from Premiere‘s editors. They end with glossy stills from the films and publicity photos.

The scripts I've read so far appear to be shooting scripts: they have minor differences from the filmed versions. Some have been broken into scenes and shots.

Annoyingly not all of screenplays are single-sided. Reading double-sided scripts is maddening. The covers, while cool looking, are impractical. They are made of a relatively thin cardstock with a hole cut to show a movie poster underneath. This makes them almost impossible to read without ripping as can be seen in my poor copy of Rocky.

Title Cover Single-sided Notes
The Wizard of Oz black not modern screenplay format
Gone With the Wind black ⛔️ not modern screenplay format
It's a Wonderful Life black ⛔️
Raiders of the Lost Ark brown
Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom brown
Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade brown ⛔️
Star Wars black ⛔️
The Empire Strikes Back black ⛔️
Return of the Jedi black ⛔️
Rocky red ⛔️
Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan red
Star Trek III: The Search for Spock red
Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home red
Star Trek V: The Final Frontier red
Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country red
M*A*S*H red ⛔️
Some Like It Hot red ⛔️
Singin’ in the Rain black
The Rocky Horror Picture Show black